North Korea Threatens “Merciless Strike” Against South Korea

As South Korean activists prepare to send political pamphlets across the border on Monday, North Korea made it clear today that they will respond with a civilian attack. The pamphlets, some stuffed with dollar bills, criticize the North Korean government, and will be air-lifted by balloons to reach the impoverished citizens of their neighbor nation. But North Korea’s state news agency has announced that if the human rights activists follow through on this plan, they will retaliate with a “merciless strike” against South Korea’s tourist region. 

From the article: 

North Korea, which is still technically at war with the South after their 1950-53 conflict ended in merely a truce, often uses shrill rhetoric denouncing its rich, capitalist neighbor and threatening all-out war.

A looming presidential election in the South and plans to deploy longer-range missiles by the government in Seoul have angered the North and prompted an escalation of belligerent commentaries from Pyongyang.



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