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Chocolate & Socks…or a Pig?

With Christmas quickly approaching, the Gift Catalogue (www.worldvision.ca/gifts or www.worldvision.org/gifts) is my life these days at work. I’m living it, nearly breathing it and (no surprise here!) writing about it.

World Vision is not alone in this endeavour either. Several other charities including Christian Children’s Fund and Heifer have their own Gift Catalogues too.

The concept is simple: I purchase a gift and instead of it being delivered to me or to the person who I am honouring, the gifts is sent directly to a family in need overseas. The results are nothing short of life changing: healthy children, income from new businesses, empowered families and communities. And, of course, the gifts: cows, pigs, school supplies, immunizations, water wells and alpacas, just to name a few!

There’s no need to wait in line for the same chocolates or pair of socks. There’s no need to give someone who really doesn’t need anything something else that they really don’t need. The idea is catchy and compelling. The program is incredibly successful. And it’s not difficult for me to jump on board with it.

It appeals so well to my sense that we don’t need anything more. Still, though, my question of the day remains: Is this an effective way to honour someone and make a difference or is it simply effective because it appeals to our culture’s consumerism and sense that we should get something out of our own charity?

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