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Americans Are Losing Their Faith in God

We already knew Americans are losing their religion, but recent data shows that the national lack of religious affiliation is bleeding into foundational beliefs as well. According to Pew, a growing minority of Americans now say they don’t believe in God at all. And when it comes to certainty about God, the changes have even affected some Christian groups. Evangelicals and historically black churches strengthened their certainty in their belief, but other religious groups have become more doubtful:

###The numbers:

89% of U.S. adults believe in “God or a universal spirit” (not necessarily the God of the Bible), down from 92% in 2007

63% of Americans are absolutely certain that God exists, down 8 percentage points (71%) from 2007

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66% of mainline Protestants are “absolutely certain” God exists, down from 73% in 2007

64% of Roman Catholics expressed an absolutely certain belief in God in 2014, compared with 72% in 2007

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