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Are You Freaking Out Because Kate Middleton Is Pregnant?

Twitter is having the closest thing a social media site can have to an utter emotional volcano explosion over the official news (which was already the the worst-kept secret in a family famous for them) that Kate Middleton’s got a royal bun in her royal oven. This announcement has caused the sort of attention one would think better saved for, say, the discovery of extraterrestrial life. How are you taking the news? Are you okay? Are you panicking? Have you already made a list of a thousand royal possibilities for baby names? Reportedly, upon hearing the news, Prince William sent for the royal hanky-handler to dab Her Royal Highness’ tenderest brow, as the news gave her a frightful case of the royal nerves—which is nothing compared to the paparazzi, who reportedly exploded into a fireball of overwhelming joy …

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