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Are You Ready For Some Scandals?

Today will see public statements from two much-loved, highly-respected athletes. The first is a global superstar whose battle against cancer and subsequent unbelievable accomplishments made him a household name and a figurehead in the fight against mankind’s greatest biological enemy. The other is a beloved young talent whose story is almost too bonkers to be believed. The full (?) Lance Armstrong saga will be released by Oprah later today. But Notre Dame’s standout linebacker and Heisman runner-up Manti Te’o’s tragic story of lost love—a young woman named Lennay Kekua who was ripped from this life by saddest fate and leukemia, inspiring Te’o to soldier on despite his heavy heart—was blown to pieces by a fascinating, convoluted bit of investigative journalism on Deadspin. Long story short, the girlfriend never existed. It’s unclear how much Te’o knew and when he knew it. Was he duped by an online hoax or did he perpetuate his own tragic myth? However, it’s clear that both he and Notre Dame were aware that something was fishy going into the Bowl Championship Series, and nobody corrected any of the news media running the story. It’s unclear why a strapping young Heisman candidate would have to invent a fake girlfriend, if he did indeed conspire in the fake story. So, Armstrong or Te’o? The seasoned veteran or the promising rookie? Who’s going to have a worse day? …

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