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Bill Nye VS. Ken Ham: Welcome to the Thunderdome

It’s happening! Ken Ham, founder of Kentucky’s Creation Museum and Bill Nye, noted science guy, are going to be squaring off in a debate on Ham’s home turf in February. It’ll be a battle for the ages, as the two noted brainiacs take on the question: “Is Creation a viable model of origins?” An in-depth questions for in-depth men. Ham is a noted (and somewhat controversial) creationist who’s penned many books on the subject. And Nye, well, you know who Nye is. He’s made a name for himself of late as a staunch humanist who’s no stranger to controversy himself, so it’s sure to be an Ali vs. Frasier, two men enter-one man leaves, royal rumble showdown the likes the world hasn’t witnessed since the release of Jordan vs. Bird. Until then, we’ve got more questions than answers. Will Bill Nye wear a bow-tie? Will Ken Ham zoom in on a zip line? Only a few weeks till we know for sure …

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