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Kindergartener Suspended for Mohawk; Evidently Looking Sweet Now Against the Rules

The totally lame administrators at Reid Primary and Middle School in Springfield, Ohio, (who were probably just jealous), suspended a kindergarten student after he showed up with a rad new Mohawk, saying the new ‘do was “to distracting” and a violation of school policy, which sounds exactly like what you’d expect the man to say to keep the sheeple in line. As if 5-year-old Ethan wasn’t way too cool to care about things like “student handbooks” in the first place. Ethan is a child of the revolution—his only handbook is “be rad.” After being sent home, Ethan’s parents eventually shaved the Mohawk, and he was able to return to class, but only after a message was sent loud and clear to his teachers and classmates—Ethan plays by his own rules …

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