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Mark Zuckerberg Met with Pastors to Understand How Churches ‘Find Deeper Meaning in a Changing World’

Facebook founder and millennial billionaire Mark Zuckerberg recently met with a group of pastors in Texas to understand more about how churches and faith communities find purpose in today’s world. The meeting was part of his “Year of Travel,” and happened during a trip to Texas, where he also met with “young moms … who moved back to their town because they want their kids to be raised with the same values they grew up with.”

In a Facebook post, he explained,


I met with ministers in Waco who are helping their congregations find deeper meaning in a changing world … This trip has helped me understand just how important community is, and how we’re all just looking for something we can trust. We may come from different backgrounds, but we all want to find purpose and authenticity in something bigger than ourselves.


Along with being a tech leader, Zuckerberg has also become a leading humanitarian, promising to give away almost his entire fortune and pledging to eliminate all disease in the next century.

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He also seems increasingly open to faith and religion. Along with recently meeting with the Pope to discuss how technology can help the world’s poor, he also revealed that he is no longer an atheist, saying religion “is very important.”

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