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Nike, NASA and U.S. Government Team Up to Revolutionize Clothing Industry

As part of a new initiative to create clothes that are more environmentally and economically sustainable, the State Department and U.S. Agency for International Development have teamed with Nike and NASA to ask innovators to help them revolutionize the garment industry. And some of they’re goals seem pretty ambitious—they to want create fabrics that can “self-heal.” The overall mission of “LAUNCH System Challenge 2013” though seems a bit more grounded. By seeking out new innovations and technologies, they hope to “transform the system of fabrics to one that advances equitable global economic growth, drives human prosperity and replenishes the planet’s resources.” Along with trying to think of ways to make clothes more durable and more recyclable, one of the projects goals is to also create “innovative business models that are sustainable and equitable” for workers around the world …

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