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Nine Unopened Dead Seas Scrolls Were Just Found in a Storage Room

This is what they call the “wow factor.” A scholar was looking through a storeroom at Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) and came across nine, unopened Dead Sea Scrolls that have been forgotten for more than 50 years. The IAA’s head of artifact treatment Pnina Shor told The Times of Israel, “Either they didn’t realize that these were also scrolls, or they didn’t know how to open them.” The scrolls, which are more than 2,000 years old, reveal important historical information about the Jewish people and ancient religious practices referenced in the Bible. Don’t expect to be able to read the scrolls any time soon though—the IAA first has to figure out how to unroll them without complete destroying them. Shor said, “We’re going to do it slowly, but we’ll first consult with all of our experts about how to go about this. We need to do a lot of research before we start doing this” …

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