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North Korea Has Sentenced a Christian Missionary to Life in a Labor Camp

North Korean officials have sentenced a South Korean Christian missionary to a life of hard labor for his religious work, charges of spying and “malignantly hurting the dignity” of the dictatorship of the Kim family. South Korea denies that the man was a spy. Baptist missionary Kim Jung-wook, who lived in China, helped North Koreans free the oppressive country. But after Chinese officials discovered and deported 12 North Koreans at the shelter he ran, Kim snuck back into North Korea to find out what happened to them. He was then caught by North Korean officials, and according to prosecutors, was carrying illegal religious materials. At his “trial” he issued a public apology for the “anti-state” actions. American missionary Kenneth Bae is also currently being imprisoned in the country, after being sentenced to 15 years in a labor camp reportedly for missionary work and attempting to expose the plight of orphans in the country …

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