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North Korea Says It Has a Nuclear Warhead that Can Reach the U.S. on a Missile

Officials from the regime of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un have said that their country’s military now has the ability to create nuclear warheads that can fit on missiles—missile engineered to reach the U.S. Officials in the U.S. however aren’t necessarily buying the new claims about North Korea’s “world-level strategic weapon,” pointing to the fact that the country frequently exaggerates—or completely fabricates—information about its regime and military. A Joint Chiefs of Staff official said that despite “clever video editors and spinmeisters,” DPRK has “not gotten as far” as they claim in developing the technology, telling a D.C. forum, “They are years away from developing this capability.”

However, as The Washington Post notes, the prospect of the North Korean military creating a missile-sized nuke may not be that far off according to some experts. An expert for the International Crisis Group, Daniel Pinkston, told the paper, “I think they probably have a small device that they can put on a missile, but as far as actually using it goes, no one has been able to demonstrate anything” …

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