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One Million Cockroaches Have Escaped From a Lab and No One Is Safe

The Internet has been such a flurry of people freaking out about Miley Cyrus at the VMA’s that we’ve forgotten that there are other dangers in the world, and some of them far more dire than a youthful starlet’s twerk attack. Case in point, a science lab in Dafeng, China that was housing a million cockroaches. Evidently, the scientists were under the impression that cockroach extract may have medicinal properties, but the road to apocalypse is paved with good intentions. And these intentions went very sour when an “unknown perpetator” trespassed into the lab and set all million roaches free. Wang Pengsheng, the farmer who maintained the lab, says there’s no way of knowing where any of them are so, basically, it’s time to see if there are any openings on that shuttle headed to Mars

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