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The Romney Face Tattoo Man Breaks His Silence

Regular readers will remember the plight of one Eric Hartsburg, who YOLO’d his way to a face tattoo of Governor Mitt Romney’s campaign logo. Hindsight is 20/20, unless your sight is marred by a political tattoo that is looking like a bad decision even by face tattoo standards. Hartsburg told Politico that his wife(!) was shocked by the tattoo, but that his fifteen-year-old son(!!) thinks it’s pretty cool, which seems unlikely for those who know anything about fifteen-year-old boys’ opinions of their dads. But he gets points for genuinely trying to see the bright side of the whole thing. “I was trying to make politics fun. I didn’t change no lives; I’m no hero. But I shed blood for this campaign, and I’m glad to know that I did all that I could.” You may be no hero, Eric Hartsburg, but your knack for finding the bright side is admirable …

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