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Teens Corner: Now You Can Get Your 7-11 Slurpee In a Mustachioed Mason Jar

Yo, teens. Wassup. You know how most cups are totes lame-o? They don’t have any rad mustaches on the straws? That’s so not raven. Well 7-Eleven—a supes groovy gas station that you can go to with all your friends—is going to change all that. Gnarly, right? Their new cups have mustaches on them, but not boring mustaches like your old man. Gross. We’re talking about cool, ironic, hipster mustaches like Michael Cera would wear. So dope. Now when you’re enjoying a 26-ounce tankard of Slurpee, you can do it while rocking a totally stylish ‘stache. And what’s more, the cups are now shaped like mason jars. Leave it there, Bon Iver. See you at 7-Eleven. Peace out …

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