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Your Twenties Are a Great Time to Find Yourself/Change the Course of History

Your twenties are a complex and exciting time. You’re making decisions about who you’re going to be for the rest of your life. You’re taking on new responsibilities that start cementing your identity as an adult. You’re finding yourself. And you’re pioneering wildly innovative technology that changes the rules about the obstacles faced by the physically impaired. Well, some of us are. Anirudh Sharma is a 24-year-old computer programer in India who has invented a shoes that can actually tell blind people how to get to their destination via a Bluetooth device embedded in the sole. The person wearing the shoe can just input their destination into their smartphone, and the shoe notifies them of when and where to turn via minute vibrations. The device also emits a radial sonar that detects obstacles and uses vibrating patterns to guide the wearer around them. Sure hope Anirudh Sharma is doing okay with “finding himself” in the middle of all this changing the world …

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