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11 Youth Group Kids Every Church Had to Deal With

11 Youth Group Kids Every Church Had to Deal With

The appeal to youth group is that it’s all so familiar. While the “main” church service could be formal and even sort of cold, youth group felt like school, with similar dynamics, social structures and, often as not, insane games and snacks. That’s part of the appeal. Youth group was often so close to the rest of your teen existence that it could get a little predictable. In fact, certain recurring characters pop up in every youth group. Here are a few of the most common ones.

The Kid Who Already Knew the Greek and Hebrew

Like, we get it. You want to be a pastor when you grow up. But where are you, a 14-year-old, getting this seminary-level training?

The Kid Who Clearly Is Just Trying to Find a Date

Don’t get us wrong, we’ve all been there. When you run out of potential significant others at school and work, church is a fallback option. But could you at least try to look semi-interested in the message?

The Kid Who Sure Seems Like They Should Have Graduated Last Year

You do know there’s a college/young adult ministry, right?

The Burgeoning Atheist Who’s Just Trying to Prove the Youth Pastor Wrong

All are welcome here, Devin, but maybe we can address this after group prayer time?

The Pastor’s Kid

Who wants to call Pastor Steve and tell him Alexis hitchhiked away from Bible Camp?

The Future America’s Got Talent Contestant

I think 45 seconds of guitar solo on “Oceans” is plenty, Preston.

The Kid Who Brought a Djembe on Every Youth Group Trip

Just in case we need a little percussion. (Pro tip: We never do.)

The Kid Whose Mom Is Always Last to Pick Him Up From Church Events

Are you sure we can’t give you a ride, Ashley?

The Worship Pastor’s Kid

Who wants to call Pastor Grace and tell her Carissa hitchhiked back to Bible Camp?

The Kid Who Takes the Youth Group Games Way Too Seriously 

Settle down, Tanner. The NFL isn’t scouting Chubby Bunny champions.

The Kid Who Took Sword Drills Way Too Seriously 

Marissa, how on earth did you open to exactly Psalm 96:4 in one try?

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