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Study: People Who Go to Church Regularly Are More Likely to Be Happy In Their Relationships

As churches continue to find a safe rhythm during the rollback of Covid protocols, a new study suggests it might be worth taking them up on it. Barna has released a new study that found people who regularly attend church are generally more satisfied in their relationships than the general population.

Barna’s State of the Church project found that 58 percent of “churched” adults say they feel “strong” contentment about their friendships and relationships, compares to just 34 percent of the general population.

The theme stayed true across multiple questions on the subject. 54 percent of churched adults said their relationships were “as satisfying” as they want them to be, while just 29 percent of the general population agreed. And 52 percent scored their “relational flourishing” highly, while just 28 percent of the general population agreed on that one.

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“A church that not only welcomes and connects people but also operates out of an awareness (if not a proficiency in) in the realities of what it takes to be content and satisfied in relationships today is key in supporting the whole-life flourishing of congregants,” Barna wrote in their analysis of the survey.

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