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Drinking Coffee Is Like Getting Attacked by a Pack of Wolves, Says New Study

A new piece in Forbes posits that coffee isn’t doing nearly as much good as we think it does and actually damages our emotional intelligence. So, you may just want to stop reading now if you want to keep enjoying your morning cup of coffee.

In essence, new studies suggest that the only people who really get a positive energy boost from coffee are people who don’t drink it very much. For the 99%, all it really does is return your cognitive skills back to functioning levels. But the much worse part is the jolt of adrenaline coffee releases, which kills your emotional radar. Adrenaline is intended as a “fight or flight” response to emergencies. So, your coffee is triggering the same chemical response in your body as getting attacked by a pack of wolves or watching The View. This means you respond to little things, like an argument with your boyfriend or criticism from your boss, with survival instincts instead of tact and reason. Of course, if you don’t get your morning coffee, everyone around you might feel like they’re dealing with a pack of wolves anyway, so …

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