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The Internet Isn’t All Bad

It’s easy to get depressed about the Internet. Sure, on the surface, it’s all breaking news and puppy GIF’s, but nobody has any delusions about soul-souring void of horror that exists just beneath the Internet’s shiny surface, only one wrong click away from virtually any web page. That’s why it’s nice when something like Reddit—often the perpetrator of some of the Internet’s most stomach-churning content—turns up a true gem. Turns out a Redditor who calls himself Generique gets cheap-to-free airline tickets owing to a family member with some powerful connections. Most of us would turn around and use that for a vacation to our dream spot, but Generique went one better and posted that anyone on Reddit could request his help for literally any task they could dream up over the summer, and he’d fly to them and help them out. Redditors took him up in his offer, and he’s posted all the stories on a blog called ReVenture. He did everything from help teach English in Thailand to help kill a spider in Australia, and it’s all right here …

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