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Nothing Can Prepare You for the 2012 List of Unusual Baby Names

A few weeks back, we all marveled at baby Hashtag, the child who must now go through life with a given name that sounds like something the world’s nerdiest bully would call someone. Of course, Hashtag is only the beginning. Every year, lots of children are given names that sound like they were plucked at random from a spoonful of Alphabet Soup, and 2012 was a doozy. BabyCenter has compiled a list of 2012’s most “unusual” (awful) baby names. Bear in mind that in order to be eligible, the name had to be given to at least two babies this year—two babies (at least) robbed of any chance of a normal life. So, think of young ladies like Inny, Gilmore, Sanity, Thinn and Yoga who now face the challenge of growing up in a world that is hard enough without having any of those names. And let us not forget baby boys like Ball, Bond, Goodluck, Hippo and Popeye—boys who will no doubt learn the art of lying about their real name early on in life. Congratulations, weird baby names of 2012. You are all equally unusual …

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