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Does Your Wedding Have a Social Media Concierge Yet?

It’s 2014. Things are different. People are posting selfies. Dogs are wearing America Eagle clothes. It’s a different time, and a different time calls for a different wedding. Sure, you’ve got to have dresses and flowers and cakes and all that—but you’ve also got to take into account the changing needs of the next generation, and what that generation needs is social media updates. And who are you going to trust to handle all that at your wedding? Your guests? Your bridal party? Your grandma? Get real. There’s only one way to get the social media coverage your special day deserves, and that is with a social media concierge, right now available only at New York City’s W Hotels, but surely soon to be everywhere.

They’ll tweet. They’ll Instagram. They’ll Vine. They’ll put your wedding into the digital spaces that matter to you, and they’ll do it all with a special, custom hashtag that you can remember and cherish forever and ever. At three thousand dollars, sure, it might seem a little steep—but can you put a price on tweeting about your wedding? …

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