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Study: Most Americans Have the Same Faith as Their Moms

Are you religious? If so, chances are, you’ve got your mom to thank.

A new study from the American Bible Society says most Americans — five out of eight — have the same religious beliefs their mom did when they were 10 years old. Even if they’re not necessarily copying the same exact religious practices as their mothers, most Americans share with the same religious identity their moms did when they were kids. Non-religious groups like agnostics and atheists were the least likely to share their mother’s religious beliefs.

This news comes at a time of enormous challenge for moms, who are still reeling from pandemic burnout, and that burnout is impacting their spiritual health. In 2021, 27 percent of women with children at home reported regular Bible engagement. That speaks to not just the challenges of raising children during COVID-19, but also the ongoing impact of trying to recover from that time without a break.

So if you’re one of the people who shares a faith with your mom, make sure to thank her for that this Mother’s Day. It probably had more of an impact than you even realized.

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