On today’s show, designer, entrepreneur and mastermind behind the brand FEAR OF GOD, Jerry Lorenzo, opens up about his own story of faith and redemption, and explains how he’s using fashion to change culture.

Plus, we hear Stephen Colbert and Conan O’Brien open up about their faith backgrounds, listen to how Serena Williams is inspiring young female athletes, check out Kanye’s latest “Sunday Service” and a lot more!

1.Nilüfer Yanya, “Tears”
2.Georgia, “Started Out”
3.Omar Apollo, “Ashamed”
4.SOAK, “Knock Me Off My Feet”

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  1. I grew up in a pretty tradition-oriented denomination, part of a congregation of about 40 people in the northeast. Weekly services consisted of hymns, special music, the offering, and a 25 minute sermon, with almost no variation. It was a solid place, but predictable. When I went to college, I got invited to a Sunday evening service my first week there, and on the way the driver warned me that it was “a little bit charismatic.” I’d never heard this word in connection with church, so I just thought it meant nice, charming. Sounded cool. Boy was I in for a shock. But one that I liked, and I start attending this church that both believed in the gifts of the Spirit and trained people to church-plant in unreached countries. The more I described it to my parents, the more they got concerned, and the height of awkwardness was when I was visiting with an aunt and she asked, “Now John, are you part of a cult now? Because I asked your mom and dad if it was a cult, and they said they just weren’t sure.” (Spoiler alert: it’s not a cult. And they’ve since come to love it, though it’s different from their expression of faith.)

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