This week on the show we speak with podcast favorite Eric Metaxas about his new book, and Andy Squyres performs for us in the studio. Also, Eddie and Joy bring the same slice…which obviously leads to a conversation about the red Starbucks cups.


What TV Shows or Clips would you like to see on a RELEVANT TV Network?

  1. Boy Scout vs Order of the Bow Survivor.

    Eddie and Jesse each lead a team of Order of the Bow and Boy Scout members on an extreme survival quest. The teams are only able to utilize survival skill that adhere to the teachings of their organizations.

  2. 1. A visual broadcast of Jesse’s Lumbarin’ Around podcast complete with a weekly Back 2 Back segment featuring back health advise from both Jesse and Joy
    2.High Fashion with Eric Metaxas
    3. Jeremiah On the Street- like Billy on the Street but Jeremiah plays a game with former McDonald’s customers. They have to guess what they bought from Jeremiah in order to get their 10 cents back

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