On this week’s podcast we talk to one of the most creative rock n’ roll bands in the world, OK Go. There’s no doubt you’ve seen one of their ridiculous music videos, and this week we give you the chance to hear from the band on what makes them tick. We also get one of our Canadian listeners on the phone to play a TV-themed game, debate the new U2 album and much more.

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  1. Well, I guess if you REALLY wanted to, I could convince my old college rap conglomerate, The House of Rapresentatives, to put on a one-time-only reunion show. I, Sweet T, would start the night off with some really pumped up tunes to get the crowd going. When everyone’s good and sweaty, I let on the true essence of my stage name as I proceed to fling open bags of sugar into the crowd. Later, more of the Rapresentatives, Kool-Aide and the Mizilk Man, will show up in a stretch Caddy hanging out the sunroof, and we’ll do some of the classics. Later, the dance scene drops as MC Donald’s and DJ Tanner (sorry Eddie, that name was already taken) throw down some sick dance remixes. The night then slows down a bit as Plastic Smile, in his big puffy marshmallow jacket, enjoys a relaxing dip in the hot tub that’s been sitting on stage all night to everyone’s curiosity. He serenades the ladies with some smooth R&B. Finally, the night ends on a high note as the dynamic duo of the House of Rapresentatives, the Cereal Killas, Ryce Kryspy and Cap’n Crunk, pump up the crowd with a few final House of Rapresentatives’ iconic jams. Finally, we end the night with a huge megamix with all the members on stage at the same time. And oh yeah, did I mention that MC Donalds is riding on the barrel of a tank cowboy-style?

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