A Hunger for Change in East Africa

Jake Harriman of Nuru International writes for Reject Apathy about how some farmers in Kenya are able to continue feeding their families even during the famine.

Bringing Heaven to Hell on Earth

Palmer Chinchen writes for Reject Apathy about seeing places of hell on earth and how to bring heaven to these places.

Capturing Beauty in the Broken

Nikole Lim, a filmmaker and founder of Freely in Hope, writes a column for Reject Apathy about finding beauty in the broken and God’s restorative power.

Teaching the ABCs of AIDS in Rwanda

Columnist Evan Davies writes about teaching HIV/AIDS awareness to his students in Rwanda, and how their perceptions of the disease are off.

Should You Give a Homeless Person Money?

Columnist Homeless Girl writes about the misperceptions behind giving a homeless person money.

Hitting the Good Road

Darren Smitherman writes about a road trip he and his wife are taking across the United States. Their goal: to find unique, creative ways people are loving God and loving people.

Deciding on Discomfort

Morgan Hansow of Light Gives Heat writes about the month-long visit she and her family are currently on in Uganda, and how completely surrendering everything to God is an ongoing and important lesson.

Walking Across Africa

Columnist Amy Russell explains a trip she and her friends are planning in which they will walk 7,000 miles across Africa to raise funds and awareness about the need for clean water.

Happy Are the Poor

Last November, I went to an upscale grocery store in search of an apple. By…

Why I Don’t Care About Darfur

OK, that title is a bit of an overstatement. Of course, I care about Darfur.…

Invisible Children: GO

It has been five years since the premiere of the documentary that brought awareness to…

Against the odds…

I read this article about education in Africa this week: Perhaps education always catches…

Music And Tyranny

Perhaps it’s just the soul’s shout of rebellion against oppression, but there does seem to…