Episode 774: Cory Asbury and Jad Abumrad

Worship artist and author Cory Asbury is our special co-host as we discuss the surprising, shifting values of Gen Z and millennials, a dating site for Calvinists, Cory’s personal drama with Chick-fil-A and a ton more. Plus, podcast and radio star Jad…
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What’s Really Going on with the Chick-fil-A Controversy

There’s a Deeper Story Behind Chick-Fil-A’s Big Controversy. a New Report From the Un Puts the U.S. on Top of a Troubling Statistic. and the Latest ‘Cats’ Trailer Promises a Descent Into Madness.
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Texas Passes a “Save Chick-fil-a” Bill in the Name of Religious Freedom

Texas has passed a “Save Chick-fil-a” bill that’s supposed to protect religious freedom, Bono went on the Today Show to talk about his favorite books, which include books like Narnia and The Message and we’ve finally got some details on…