God’s will

God Has Already Revealed His Will For Your Life

If “finding God’s will” isn’t a cosmic Easter egg hunt in which He tells us, “You’re getting warmer!” then what is it? David Platt explains.

Yes, You Can Know God’s Will for Your Life in Your Twenties

As a pastor, I have been asked countless times, “How do I hear from God?”…

The Tested Faith of Matt Chandler

RELEVANT catches up with Matt Chandler, a popular pastor and speaker who was diagnosed with brain cancer in November 2009, about how he sees God’s handiwork in his cancer.

Seeking God’s Will with Humility

Carey Morford writes a blog for RELEVANT about seeking God’s will and realizing that the first step is humility.

Finding Your Knees Again

Carl Garrigus writes a blog for RELEVANT about dealing with a cancer diagnosis and how this hard time has led him to seek God through prayer once again.

What It Means to Wait on the Lord

Larissa Peters writes a blog for RELEVANT about how she learned to wait on God.

The Dangers of Christian Fatalism

Mark Zimmerman writes a blog for RELEVANT exploring the topic of Christian fatalism—and why it’s the wrong answer to the question of God’s sovereignty.

When I Grow Up

I always knew what I wanted to be when I grew up—it just changed regularly.…

Alternatives To Nail-biting

My dad spent his first year out of the Navy with God and a black…