When the Bible Gets Boring

Yes, it’s the greatest story ever told … and told again, and again and a million times over. How do we keep from yawning over the Bible when we’ve heard it all before?

The Beautiful Mess of Redemption

Sometimes we think we’ve figured out God’s plan for the messy work of our lives. Sometimes we know where the story’s headed. But then we hit a bend in the road we didn’t expect and we realize: We have no idea where God is in this mess. Our columnist Kristin Tennant invites us to grapple with the difficulty of redemption, healing, and wholeness—and what to do when we don’t know what God is doing.

The Greatest Story Ever Played

Jordan Ekeroth writes about the power of story, and how modern video games are using it for good.

The Untold Story

The following is Cameron Strang’s First Word column from the January/February 2209 issue of RELEVANT.…

The Element of Story

She keeps going after the guys that you know will hurt her in the end.…