Bryan Roberts


A former church planter and lead pastor, Bryan currently works as a freelance writer helping ministries communicate the Gospel. . His passions are his family, writing, communicating grace, building the local church, and the Texas Rangers. You can read his blog here, and follow him on Twitter.

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7 Things Christians Need to Remember About Politics

Political discourse is the Las Vegas of Christianity—the environment in which our sin is excused.…

How to Love the People You Don’t Like

Christianity isn’t always easy. Growing up as a preacher’s kid in the heart of the…

5 Ways Christians Can Become Better Citizens

The State of the Union address always consistently highlights one thing: that our nation is never as united as it hopes to be. Party lines and political differences of opinion are as acute as ever. But as Christians, do we answer to a higher calling?

The Politics of Heroes and Villains

Despite the brisk temperatures in western New York that November evening, the air felt thick…

10 Ways to Avoid Facebook Drama

I’ve often felt that current culture lacked a great moment to call our own. The…