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Are Any Actors Not Being Considered for Doctor Strange?

Someday, someone should make a movie about the casting process for Doctor Strange because, holy moly, it has been a wild ride. There was a time when it was being confidently reported that Jared Leto had the part, and then equally confidently reported that Joaquin Phoenix would get it. Now, according to the most recent report, basically any human white man with an interest of being in a movie is in talks. Jared Leto appears to still be in the running, along with Ryan Gosling, Justin Theroux, Matthew McConaughey, Oscar Isaac, Ewan McGregor, Ethan Hawke, Keanu Reeves and Jake Gyllenhaal. If you’re a guy who likes to act, you might as well call Marvel up too, since they’re clearly open to options. In Marvel comics, Doctor Strange is a heroic wizard who does battle with supernatural foes but, in our world, the only battle is who is going to become a millionaire for playing him in real life …

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