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Benevolent Fairy Taylor Swift Gives Fan $90 for Chipotle

Twitter user Alex Garcia says he was celebrating a friend’s birthday in New York City when global superstar and kindly fairy godmother Taylor Swift alighted upon Central Park to bestow the birthday girl some Chipotle money. Evidently, doe-eyed lady of the lowlands Taylor Swift asked the fan where she was going for her birthday, and upon hearing the fan meant to go to Chipotle promptly fished $90 out of her purse so she could go get a burrito. Does Taylor Swift think Chipotle burritos cost $90? Or was she hoping the young lady would bring her back some change? Perhaps she meant to give her $9,000 to start her own burrito restaurant. We simply do not know. Regardless, the fan’s birthday got a shot of that Taylor Swift magic, and once the clock struck midnight and her birthday was over, all she had was her memories, which she will treasure forever …

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