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Father John Misty’s ‘God’s Favorite Customer’ Video Has a Bizarre Ending

As far as Father John Misty’s videos are concerned, “God’s Favorite Customer” seems to be one of the more traditional projects, at least until the final few seconds. For a solid five minutes, though, it’s just our lead guy walking the streets, stealing flowers from memorials and smoking cigarettes.

The video, notably, is directed by Father John Misty’s wife, Elizabeth Tillman. The song has been speculated to be about her, with lyrics like: “Speak to me / Won’t you speak, sweet angel? / Don’t you remember me? / I was God’s favorite customer.”

But of course, it wouldn’t be a Father John Misty video without some sort of curveball, so we receive this bizarre ending, which has the lead singer either disappearing or transforming or flying off into the sky. We’re not sure which. It’s one of those “figure it out for yourself” kind of videos. Still, strong tune.

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