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Here’s a Funny New Trailer for ‘Shazam’ Starring Zachary Levi

This weekend, a new trailer for the upcoming DC Comics adaptation of Shazam dropped, showing a pretty dramatic change in tone from previous DC epics like Man of Steel and Batman V. Superman.

It even contains a nod to Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy with the tagline, “He’s not so serious.”

Though Zachary Levi looks very superhero-like, he’s still got the comic chops he honed on the action comedy TV series Chuck. During his time on that show, RELEVANT sat down with Levi to discuss the role of faith in his life:


If you’re someone who puts their faith in Jesus, then trust Him in being led. To me, it’s not rocket science. Go about your day putting your faith in God and standing on truth. It’s pretty easy: Are you a jerk or not? Are you doing things to benefit you, or others? Are you available to be part of the solution and not the problem? Walk in love and that opens some doors of dialogue. How about just starting to talk and see where it goes? I don’t think there’s any clock on it—your life is God’s, so let Him do as He wills with it.

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You can read the whole interview here.

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