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Check Out the Trailer for Angel Olsen’s ‘Big Time’ Film That Will Accompany Her Album

Angel Olsen has dropped a new trailer for Big Time, the film that will accompany her upcoming sixth studio album.

Olsen says the film was inspired by dreams she had following the death of her mother, and she worked with filmmaker Kimberly Stuckwisch to help bring some of those dreams to life, coupled with events “some that are based in reality and others that haven’t happened.” Here’s her full statement.

At the time of my mother’s passing I kept having these super visual dreams about time travel. Later on I decided I’d name the record Big Time, not only because of the song but also as a kind of wink to time expansion and change. When I approached Kimberly Stuckwisch about making these videos, I thought it would be cool to include the storyline of one of the dreams I’d had, and really use it as a way to tell the story of the songs. She added dialogue and events, some that are based in reality and others that haven’t happened, to create a story arc around my dream, to give it a thicker plot, using the music videos within and creating a larger film.

I’ve always had a vivid imagination and it was really special to make these subconscious moments real, but it was also a really emotional and raw process and felt almost at times like a spiritual clearing, that by putting myself in the story and moving pieces of it around, I also personally had to re-examine my losses and find a new way to process the events that actually took place in my life. Though most of it is scripted, it is probably the most intimate work I have ever made and shared with the public… and it serves as an homage to my mother. I only wish my mom was here to listen to the record, because something tells me that she would have really liked this one.

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Olsen has released “All the Good Times” and the title track, which you can listen to now. The full album will drop in June.

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