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Reach Records Has Severed Ties With GAWVI Following Allegations of Unsolicited Explicit Photos

Reach Records announced that it will no longer be working with recording artist and producer GAWVI, saying he has displayed “behavior that is inconsistent with our core values.” The news follows allegations that GAWVI texted unsolicited explicit photos to numerous women while he was still married.

A few days ago, GAWVI announced on a since-deleted Instagram post that he and his wife got divorced in 2020. Rapzilla captured screenshots, in which GAWVI says the decision was made with “no scandal to gossip about.”

Not long after, visual artist and designer Cataphant took to social media herself. Cataphant worked with GAWVI on the design for his debut album and she accused him of sending “unasked for d*** pics” to multiple women while he was still married. Another woman responded to Cataphant’s post, saying she “has proof” and “fell victim as well.” Other women shared stories anonymously, as documented by fans in a subreddit.

The next day, Cataphant shared more. “It wasn’t a knee-jerk thoughtless reaction,” she said of her original post. “I have known about his actions for at least a year, maybe more. WE ALL DID. He wasn’t good at covering his tracks. Who did I find out all these things from? Everyone.”

In follow-up tweets, Cataphant said she believed that GAWVI has been confronted by friends over his behavior. “EVERYONE confronted him,” she posted. “I want to defend all my friends because I KNOW they tried and tried.” She said that GAWVI “cut them all off.”

On TikTok, GAWVI’s ex-wife Brianna Azucena posted a series of videos that allude to infidelity and healing. Her account has since been set to private. Meanwhile, artist Butta P of the Miami group Rhema Soul has also posted a series of statements that seem to allude to GAWVI’s situation.

“Man oh man I’m on the verge of exposing this little boy,” she tweeted early in January. “Had to cut the grass I found some snakes in the camp.”

“I’m standing by, just waiting patiently,” Cataphant responded at the time.

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Butta P discovered GAWVI and mentored him as a young artist.

Reach Records said cutting ties with GAWVI was a “tough decision” that they had been “processing for over a year and have wrestled with what would be the right way forward.” But the label announced that “new details” helped them “realize today’s decision was necessary.” It comes in the middle of Reach’s Unashamed Tour, which featured GAWVI alongside artists like Lecrae, Andy Mineo, Trip Lee and Tedashii.

“We also want our actions to be a reflection of love, care, and concern for those who fail and those who are affected by our failures,” Reach said in its statement. “Each of us needs God’s grace and we invite you to pray for the families and individuals whose lives are being impacted. This is not a chance to throw anybody away. We continue to hope for restoration to be the outcome.”

GAWVI has not yet responded. This post will be updated when and if he makes a public statement.

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