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NBA Officially Charges Donald Sterling; Will Hold Ownership Vote June 3

Yesterday, the NBA officially charged Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling with conduct damaging to the league, noting that he has impaired business relationships with partners and perception among fans. They also set the date of June 3 for fellow owners to hold a vote to determine if his franchise ownership should be terminated. In a recently leaked private phone call, the billionaire owner made numerous racist comments, and though he apologized weeks later, in the same TV interview, he made even more racially offensive statements. The NBA subsequently banned Sterling from all games and league facilities, and levied a $2.5 million fine against him. But, as ESPN notes, the NBA could be headed for a legal battle. Sterling has already said that he will not pay the fine, alleging that due process wasn’t served, and will likely fight to maintain ownership of the Clippers. His estranged wife, who owns 50% of the team, has also vowed to fight to keep her share of the franchise …

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