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NFL Player Takes Underprivileged Kids on a Christmas Shopping Spree

Every year, Houston Texans receiver Andre Johnson does his best to make Christmas special for a few underprivileged kids in his community. This week, he took 11 kids from Child Protective Services to a toy store and gave them each 80 seconds (that’s his jersey number) to put as many items in their carts as possible with the help of some Texans’ cheerleaders. The total bill came to more than $16,000, but Johnson (who has organized the shopping spree for the last seven years), told reporters, “I just enjoy doing it.” On his team’s website, he said, “I always said if I ever made it, if I was blessed to make a lot of money, I always wanted to give back and do things for kids and just help people out. That’s why I do it” …

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