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Peter Parker is Done Flying Solo. Sony Just Released this Trailer for ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.’

This is just too good. Sony just released a new trailer for their upcoming animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and it looks both amazing and spectacular. The trailer opens with Peter Parker (Jake Johnson) catching you up on what you know before introducing the new Spider-Man, Miles Morales, a half-black, half-Latino teenager first introduced in the comic books in 2011.

And Peter and Miles aren’t alone. Into the Spider-Verse finds a way to weave every single one of the studio’s previous Spider-Man films and appearances into one, with appearances from other variations of Spider-heroes. And together, the core of Spider-Heroes will team up to save the multiverse in what may be the biggest adventure of their lives.

And if that’s not enough to get you to the theater, this should be: Hailee Steinfeld as Spider-Gwen. Stand-up genius/comedian John Mulaney is playing Peter Porker himself, aka the Spectacular Spider-Ham. And the great Nic Cage himself as Spider-Man Noir. Don’t miss this one.

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