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Prepare to Sob Uncontrollably at the Trailer for Netflix’s Docuseries About Dogs

In a cold and divisive era, perhaps the only thing we agree on anymore as humans is this: dogs. They’re the best, we love them unconditionally, but not quite as unconditionally as they love us, and there should be a million of them in every home, full stop. And this new six-part docuseries on Netflix is about to make you love them even more.

The streaming service’s latest project is chock full of them: Let’s just say you should probably go ahead and grab a massive box of tissues.

Dogs will tell six true stories of different puppos from across the globe in countries like Japan, Italy and the U.S.

“Dogs don’t just make us feel loved—dogs make us feel safe,” the documentary producer Glen Zipper told Variety. “In the world we live in today, no matter how divided we are, we should take care to realize how much dogs mean to all of us, and how our bond with them can help bring us together.”

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The doguseries will premiere on Netflix on November 16. Mark you calendars. Already a 15/10 in our eyes. Would binge watch over and over again. They’re good dogs, Brent.

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