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The Ratatouille App Lets You Share Food So It Doesn’t Go to Waste

Have a couple of pieces of fruit in your fridge that you probably won’t eat before they go bad? Maybe some frozen waffles in the freezer that are just taking up too much space? Or, maybe you’re just feeling generous and want to share some of that ice tea you stocked up on. Well the Ratatouille food-sharing app is here to help. The idea is pretty simple. Users can use the intuitive interface to post the food items they want to share, and through a GPS locator, other users can find food being given away. It’s a great resource if you’re planning on a long trip but have perishables that might go bad or just want to get rid of that box of Grape Nuts cereal you bought with healthy intentions, but, let’s be honest, you’re never going to eat …

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