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Rich Wilkerson Jr. Preached at Kanye’s Latest Sunday Service


Kanye West’s weekly “Sunday Services” have become a cultural phenomenon for their blend of music performances, celebrity appearances and corporate prayers. Sia has stopped by to pk-callout the crowd in worship. DMX has opened the services in prayers. And, of course, Kanye has served as a sort of choir director.

However, up until now Kanye and the Kardashians haven’t been able to fully articulate the mission behind the gatherings. In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel (starting at about 10:25 in the clip below) Khloe said, “It’s really uplifting and you feel excellent. We have so many friends who maybe feel a little too judgmental when they go to church. When they come here they feel so free and safe, it’s what everybody says, and you have a great time. It’s a beautiful way to start your week.” But Kim added, “there’s no sermon, there’s no word; it’s just music.”

Things seem to have taken a turn this weekend though as VOUS Church pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. preached a sermon at the event. Kourtney Kardashian shared a brief clip of the message on Instagram.


Wilkerson iss no stranger to the West/Kardashian clan. He officiated Kim and Kanye’s wedding back in 2014.


Here’s a longer clip Rich posted to Instagram:

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