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Seven Podcasts That Will Help You Get Your Life Together

Seven Podcasts That Will Help You Get Your Life Together

In today’s fast-paced world, it can be tough to keep up with everything. Work, relationships, finances, hobbies — it can all feel overwhelming. But there is a way to handle it all, with plenty of tools and resources available to help you.

That’s where podcasts come in. Podcasts are a great way to learn new things, get motivated and hear from experts on how you can deal with, well, just about everything. There are podcasts on every topic imaginable, from personal development to productivity to finance.

If you’re looking for some help getting your life together, here are seven podcasts that you need to check out:

All It Takes Is a Goal

The “All It Takes Is a Goal” podcast, hosted by Jon Acuff, offers a unique and motivational exploration into the world of goal-setting and achievement. Acuff, who has been featured on The RELEVANT Podcast, uses his expertise to the forefront as he engages in insightful conversations with guests who have successfully pursued their dreams. Through practical advice and relatable anecdotes, Acuff explores how to turn aspirations — whether it be personal growth, career advancement or even creative pursuits — into actionable steps.

The Financial Confessions

On “The Financial Confessions” Chelsea Fagan, host and CEO of “The Financial Diet,” delves into the personal financial stories of everyday people. Featuring inspiring interviews with entrepreneurs, professionals and everyday people, this podcast is a mustlisten for anyone looking to gain financial insight and knowledge. With topics ranging from getting out of debt to saving for big expenses to shopping ethically, it’s sure to give you a new perspective on money and how to make the most of it.

The Great Fail

The Great Failmixes real-life advice with jaw-dropping, true crime entertainment. The hosts dive into stories of people who have experienced failure and the lessons they took away from it. It‘s an entertaining, insightful show that will make you laugh while giving you useful advice on how to deal with your won failure. Hosted by an experienced entrepreneur and journalist, “The Great Fail” is a mustlisten for anyone who has ever failed or is afraid to try.


Feeling a little stuck or confused in your faith? Check out the “Bible Project” podcast. Hosted by scholars Tim Mackie and Jon Collins, this podcast offers a blend of deep theological insights and accessible explanations of complex biblical concepts. Through engaging conversations and in-depth explorations, Mackie and Collins unpack the historical context, literary techniques and overarching themes of various Bible passages. It’s an accessible way to engage with the Bible in a meaningful way.

Unlocking Us

Unlocking Us with Brené Brown | Podcast on Spotify

If you never got around to listening to “Unlocking Us,” there’s no time like the present. Brené Brown‘s podcast is a mustlisten for anyone looking to explore the power of vulnerability. With inspiring conversations with a variety of guests, Brown’s thoughtful and lighthearted approach helps to make these potentially heavy topics accessible and inspiring. If you’re looking to go deeper with yourself and your relationships, this podcast is a great first step in that journey. 

The Happiness Lab

Sometimes the biggest thing we need in life is a little pep in our step. That’s what “The Happiness Lab” is here for. Hosted by Dr. Laurie Santos, a psychology professor at Yale University, the podcast explores the science of happiness and well-being. Santos  uses evidence-based insights and practical strategies to teach listeners how to lead a more fulfilling life. By bridging the gap between academic research and everyday life, “The Happiness Lab” gives listeners the tools to reframe their perspectives and embark on a journey toward a happier and more meaningful existence.

Creative Pep Talk

Hosted by Andy Pizza, the “Creative Pep Talk” podcast, is helpful for anyone who wants to get out of their heads and is searching for a creative spark. Pizza’s motivational pep talks, actionable advice and imaginative strategies help listeners overcome creative blocks for artistic growth. The podcast explores topics such as finding one’s unique voice, navigating the challenges of the creative process and building a sustainable career in the arts.

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