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The Final ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Trailer Reveals More Characters, Tons of Action

For Harry Potter fans, the new Fantastic Beasts movie is proving to be a rich text for lore and backstory. This can be a bit controversial, depending on how closely you guard the original books, but for more open-minded fans of the series, the sequel is expanding the Wizarding World in really unprecedented ways.

The final trailer, released this week, showcases a new interpretation of a character many fans might have taken for granted: the snake Nagini. Known in the books as Voldemort’s lethal pet (and one of his Horcruxes!), Nagini never appeared outside of snake form, but it would seem from the new trailer that Nagini has been a woman (an Animagus, as it were) this entire time. Also, Newt Scamander has a brother?

The new Beasts is out November 16. Fans can decide for themselves if all the new revelations are strong new details or unnecessary filler.

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