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The Kenan and Kel Reunion We All Knew Was Coming Finally Happened

Kenan Thompson’s hosting duties at the Emmys went just fine. The jokes were intermittently funny and mostly tame, since everyone’s stepping a little carefully now following The Incident at this year’s Oscars. There were some dances, the celebrity pals and one moment of absolute Millennial Bait that worked like gangbusters.

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OK, it wasn’t much but come on. Any time these two chuckleheads get together, that’s guaranteed magic. This wasn’t exactly Good Burger 2 (though there’s hope on that front) but it’s nice to know they’re still getting along.

Kel Mitchell’s doing his own thing these days, which includes a side gig as a youth pastor. He chopped it up with RELEVANT recently about that experience and his work with World Vision, which you can listen to here.

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