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Vegans Are Upset About Being Made Fun of In This Super Bowl Ad

It was a so-so year for Super Bowl ads, but one spot is causing some online blowback from vegans. Even the animal-rights organization PETA is speaking out.

In the Hyundai commercial titled “The Elevator,” Jason Bateman guides car shoppers through levels of unpleasant destinations like the middle seat of a six hour flight and jury duty on the way to a tacky car dealership. (Don’t worry, the couple has the “Hyundai Shopper Assurance” app or something.)

But, below getting a root canal and being forced to have “the talk” with dad, is a vegan dinner party. One of the unfortunate guests is seen dry-heaving when being offered a “beetloaf.”

Unsurprisingly, vegan viewers didn’t enjoy being the butt of the joke.

Hyundai’s social media team tried to stop the blowback by responding to critics on Twitter, but the damage was already done.


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