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Congress Also Thinks that In-Flight Phone Calls Are a Terrible Idea

FCC recently announced that they no longer believe that making cell phone calls on board flights increase any safety risks, opening the door to a reversal of the no-calls policy. It also opened the door to the prospect of sitting uncomfortably close to a stranger yelling into a cell phone for several hours. Now Congress—that group of highly paid public servants that occasionally actually do things—is doing something in response the public anti-in-flight-phone-call outcry. Rep. Bill Shuster, who’s the chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, has drafted a new bill, aptly called the Prohibiting In-Flight Voice Communications on Mobile Wireless Devices Act of 2013. If it gets signed into law, you’ll never have to worry about sitting next to this guy on plane. Now if Congress could just turn their attention to movie theaters, coffee shops and waiting rooms …

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