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Dozens of Refugee Orphans Are Now Blocked From the U.S. Because of Trump’s Travel Ban

According to a new AP report, right now, more than 100 refugee orphan children—who were already matched with foster families in the U.S.—are blocked from entering the U.S. because of Pres. Trump’s travel ban.

Many of them are currently in very dangerous situations. As the report describes, the children are now in refugee camps in the Middle East and Africa without any parents or adult relatives. They were fleeing war, poverty and instability.

The Washington Post found one family—the husband an Episcopal priest, the wife a pediatrician—who have been preparing for the arrival of a teenage orphan for months. The girl is now in an  Ethiopian refu­gee camp, after fleeing child labor and slavery in her own country. The father, who has two other young children, told the paper,  “The children ask us when their big sister is going to arrive. We are left in this time of uncertainty because of the administration and the Supreme Court decision.”

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Thanks to a July 19 Supreme Court ruling which upheld Trump’s ban, children like her are now blocked from coming to the U.S., even though they’ve been approved by the State Department and matched with American families who are waiting for their arrival.

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