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Petraeus Scandal Gets Somehow Even More Complicated

It should come as no surprise that a scandal involving the decorated director of the CIA would be complicated, but the story that’s unfolding of General David Petraeus’ affair with biographer Paula Broadwell is one for the ages; one that is developing a colorful cast of supporting characters, and a fallout that may have had dire affects on an international stage. Today, the FBI announced that it is looking into the possibly inappropriate actions of Gen. John R. Allen, commander of U.S. and NATO troops in Afghanistan. Details are still unfolding, but it seems that Jill Kelley—Pertraeus’ longtime friend whose complaints about harassing emails she was receiving from a woman who turned out to be Broadwell—was receiving unwanted emails and inappropriate pictures from Allen and another FBI agent as well. How exactly all this ties together is something the FBI is supposed to be explaining later this week, if they can even follow it all …

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